Saturday, 19 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII and Avatar

Who cares anymore I don't know. To me it is nothing. I wasn't any fan of the series. I played 3 or 4 of them and completed only 1 of them. I understand people love the series. The question is is it really still this way? Don't think so, 'cause most of my friends who is a die hard fan for FF series are not talking about this particular installment. Even Kotaku.COM has different Agenda I think... Look at the pictures;

Anyways, it is out in japan for a while now if you don't have the patience for english.

The real deal is, it will be released on X Box 360 too (US and EU only)... That's g00d, more people will have access if they ever want to play.

Another g00d news is Avatar is finally out and kicking some asses! Tickets are sold out and that's promising.

I watched it on Imax and liked it... It is so visually orgasmic everyone forgets about the sound effects. They are awesome too. if you watch it more than once, care about the sounds the next time you watch.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

After VGA

The biggest news for me is of course The Force Unleashed II. I was going to be excited no matter what, but nontheless it was a surprise and was a nice trailer afterall. Also one must admit Samuel L. Jackson is great at whatever he does. He announced the game in a very cool way... There is not much to tell at this point other than Lucasarts will develop the game internally.
Another exciting news for me was the in game demo trailer for Halo Reach! It sure looks handsomely awesome. There was a quote in it like "Spartans never die, they are just missing in action". That was a nice quote, motivating to do flagging @ XBL some more...
Conclusion is 2010 will be a great year for gamers. Batman Arkham Asylum 2, New Medal of Honor, tOR MMO, tFU, Halo Reach etc. etc. all comes in 2010. It'll be an interesting year for sure.
Anyways thanks to for a great night and show.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


In recent months there was a leap in numbers of the applications on iPhone AppStore. I wonder if it is ever going to be unmanageable for both sides in the future. I mean the Apple, and the customer. Already, there are so many apps to choose from if you want a specific tool; say a twitter client. And the search is even today started to get messy. I am only guessing here; but I think soon the problems will begin to emerge due to high numbers. Besides I am hearing AppRejectPolicies are getting also out of hand...

And on the other hand, every other major mobile phone or platform company has a store now. To me which is even worse for a customer stand of point. For instance I bought a phone and a multi-platform app for this phone. Then I decided I hate this phone and bought a new one or return/change it etc. Now I have to buy that app again for the new platform. Such Apps are minority right now but I suspect there will be more in the future due to high demand. Apps should be one licence per person, not phone. This will make you customer very happy. Take my words for it 'cause now changing a phone is too easy. Thanks to uncontrollable competition in the market.

Besides, everyone must know by now, in this era copying something is not good enough to get a slice from the pie... You need to better the things a lil bit up for success. I don't see a point opening a store up with so little enhancements and overall quality? Are they doing it because of prestige issues? like "they have it, so must we!". That shouldn't be the way.

It's been such a long time since I wrote but a lot has changed. I begin to write at and it takes time, a lot of my time. You know I love Star Wars.

And now I noticed my attitude is somehow like Daring Fireball. Respect! :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Breaking But Not So Breaking News

Here is a quicky of the new EA sports "thing". They made a card game about Madden. It'll be released in January sometime and unlike the Fifa counterpart; it will be completely free. I didn't play the Fifa version but I hear it is doing well. I am expecting something similar but easier if any possible. Free means, kids will have access, kids playing it means it must be so easy. Thanks to success of Magic the Gathering Online; my prediction is we'll see more of these...

It'll be downloadable within the full version of the game. At least they say so. No! not for handhelds.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Canon 500D

I seem to like it, began to post some photos to my page which is altho I don't know the original US release name of the Camera. I know it is different than tha Asia and Europe, something like Rebel XYZ1LS [making up the name as I go everytime I need to say it lol] but don't know don't care the real US model name. Back to subject, It's a very good machine, in fact it is more than what I expected. I must add if anyone needs something more than this one, let's call them real bigo bigo professionals... This camera answers every single need of mine.

Anyways my latest trial is this photo. Take a look at the gallery also please.

I will mostly use it for close-ups. Plane models and stuff kind of close-ups.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


I played Clone Wars: Republic Heroes and Halo 3: ODST this weekend. Both games are finished. I am impressed with Clone Wars [by the way my X Box read it very problematically, disc may be flawed]. The game doesn't look that good but it is a Star Wars title nontheless and I loved it. The real deal is ODST however.

I have seen only a handful of games over the last decade with that much beautiful storytelling. Action was in Halo standards but the story, enviroments, dialogs were very satisfactionary =p . Actors and the Actress plays an important role here but, even if there would no such names there, It would still be a good story. And if you stil don't know whom I am talkin about here goes nothing: Nathan Fillion and Tricia Helfer. After this there is nothing much I could tell more.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Microsoft Image Composite Editor

I discovered this new experimental tool from Microsoft. Actually it is not new but I recently got my hands on it. It stiches the photographs together and mimics that, uhmm like, you have a wide angle camera. Let's first see my 2 stitches...

And now the other one with less distinctive features;

As you can see, if the pictures' patterns are not too distinctive it does some error's but if they are distinctive enough, it works wonders. These all are taken with an iPhone. What if you had an actual camera and take the shots outside, not indoors?

You would have probably this... [This is not mine this, last one, is Microsoft's Demo]

What did I do? Nothing, all details are here and it is amazingly easy to use.

You can click on the pictures for bigger versions.

Friday, 11 September 2009


Well well, I have been waiting for this great news like a 20 days or something like that since Lucasarts told us there is a new IP on the horizon due to announced officially today. So today is the day. A completely new game from LUCASARTS has been announced, Lucidity is a 2D Puzzler/Platformer. It is a completely big surprise. It is not a Star Wars game or Indiana Jones for that matter. Here's some Pictures. Enjoy, I know I will once it hits to X Box Live later this month.

All pictures are from Kotaku.

Tess Ferrandez's Blog

What comes to your mind if the subject is ASP.NET and debugging?

To me it is Tess Ferrandez, ASP.NET Escalation Engineer (Microsoft). In her blogs she addresses the "memory issues", "performans issues", "crash scenarios", "debugging" etc...

Espcially crash scenarios are interests of mine. They are so well written and handy. Many to learn many to discuss she offers. If you call your self an ASP.NET developer, scratch that, if you are even slightly interested in anything that uses IIS or even ASP or, hmm scratch that too.

Sigh, you need to see her blog and decide for yourself. It is so informative and well written, I can't even describe how helpful it is. In her own words;

"This blog is intended to help people that develop applications with the .net framework resolve issues on production system, mainly using Windbg.exe from along with sos.dll that ships with the debugging tools."

You can also follow her on Twitter too.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Yahoo Meme

Ahoy there all. Yahoo Meme is up and running, and I got my account set and go. you can follow me, /ozgur. the service is too new, it is expected to be there some inconvenience today. But hopefully, everything will be faster and stable tomorrow. Thank you Yahoo! =]

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Favourite Quotes From Wikinomics

Earlier last month I finally read Wikinomics. While I am reading I took some nice quotation notes just to share them here. And now I had time to eliminate the ones that didn't make sense by themselves. So here goes nothing;

-Entrepreneurs and IT professionals see cloud computing as the next logical frontier, like going from answering machines to voicemail. If all of one’s information is stored in the cloud instead of on a hard drive, losing your laptop won’t be such a big deal. (I took this note but I couldn't find it in Wikinomics again to confirm because I have not written a page number associated to my notes)

-Imagine a world in which every person on the planet is given free 
access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing. (This one actually belongs to Mr. Wales)

-IBM called it 'account control'. Detractor called it 'hotel 
proprietary'. (Knowing what kind of evil company IBM is, I chose this purposefully =] . You can see the actual subject on Page 78, Wikinomics)

-Chance favors the prepared mind. (This one said by Pasteur, Louis)

-Paradigms are mental models that constrain our thinking and are often 
based on assumptions so strong we don't notice them. (Page 285, Wikinomics)

-The new web is about verbs not nouns. (Page 46, Wikinomics)

All of them I like, every single of them gives insight. Enjoy. And enjoy the book if you still didn't read it. I know I did. Once again; thanks to Tugce Esener, who informed me in the first place =] .

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Congratulations Jade Raymond

Today, It's been announced that Jade Raymond, Producer of Assassin's Creed, to oversee the studio which will expand largely in the near future. Why I am writing about this? Because she is hot. No the main reason is I am so excited about upcoming Assassin's Creed II and I just wanted to mention it somehow. This seemed appropriate.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

SoapUI 3.0 Final Release

I was too busy using the beta version, I missed the Final Release. For who doesn't know what it is? It is the most featured, easy to learn, user friendly SOA-Testing tool ever written.

It makes the testing process even easier, fun and eye-candy to show off in meetings. I already covered best improvements for me in an earlier post. But overally this 3.0 series will be even cooler, it looks like. Here's the official web page of SoapUI. And Here's the direct download page. Let me tell you this, it is worth the price, without second thinking. Make your project team buy this tool if you are developing SOA in order to have a fully featured testing suit for semi-pro needs.
They say "As always thank you to all of our users that have reported issues and annoyances, we owe you :-)". And I say "no we thank you eviware."

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lucasarts Partners Up With Steam

This week's one of the top beautiful news came from Lucasarts. They announced this partnership out of nowhere and made us very happy in the meantime, with both free codes on net and great upcoming news. In the first line, we already had these 10;
  1. Armed And Sangerous
  2. Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
  3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
  4. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure
  5. Loom
  6. Star Wars Battlefront II
  7. Star Wars Republic Commando
  8. Star Wars Starfighter
  9. The Dig
  10. Thrillville: Off The Rails
These are all awesome, but one has my love more than the others. LOOM. Oh gosh mmm. Even Republic Commando is my all time favourite game on PC platform, Loom has a special place in my heart.

As many times I stated my soul belongs to Lucasarts. Enjoy the partnership with Steam, go buy somethings.

Maybe they are gonna do more awesome things in the future for us, like Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion on iPhone kind of stuff. Why did I say that? No reason? Wink Wink Nod Nod.

PS: Apple Appstore Policy forbids to announce anything before they are really ready to release.

Windows 7 Performs Better Than I Expected

Hello all, today I want to write about my Windows 7 experience. I have been using it for 7 days now, and collecting data in order to write about it.

I was a Ubuntu user as I said it earlier cause I am in war with piracy personally. I do not pirate anything under any circumstances. Since I am not so rich. I am trying to avoid licensed stuff and stick with share and free ware whenever I can.

Back to business, when my Ubuntu last died, I was trying to install OpenLDAP so I can get some idea first and then decide to use it at work in development environment. Yeah, Yeah I had free time to try it out at home, that wa my mistake. Anyways Ubuntu died and I had no OS CD or DVD at that time except that MS sent Windows 7 RC 7100.

Since Ubuntu died completely at that time I had no internet connection to download anything to recover it or fix it or etc... I hopelessly put the 7100 dvd in. And my trip began.

It was a wonderfully fast installation. Under 20 minutes, and at that point I'll give my computers specifications. But under 20 minutes? wait a minute! Here goes specifications;

  • Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Prescott [800 MHz bus]
  • 1 GB ram [DDR 400 mhz]
  • 160 GB SATA HDD
  • ATI x1650

Installation ended in under 20 minutes, I was not impressed but shocked! Because last time I installed a windows on this computer it was an XP SP2 and it took twice that!

Yeah Installation ended anyway, It was a disaster from a point of finding the appropriate drivers. I had no internet connection cause it missed my NIC. I found the drivers that took my 3 minutes or so [yes I am going to count this time as setup time, at the end it was Windows' fault]. I showed the drivers. and excatly like another 3 minutes. It installed all my other drivers, including on board sound card, ATI, some other drivers that belongs to mainboard. Cause as soon as it gets the internet connection there wa appropriate drivers installed and Windowsgot updated too. So yeah it was a clear 26 minutes update. And under 30 minutes I installed the DivX codecs and start to watch movies on my LCD TV.

Along the whole week I noticed Windows is abruptly responsive on my old very old system. I am clicking on something and BAM! It is there, so fast so responsive. You know what it is even shocky that it does whole this with no HDD noise. After this week; I decided to give it a longer term chance, I found my original MS Office 2007 Home and Student Ed. installed it, give this old timer 2 GB more ram [It is now a 3GB machine with practically wings]. It is working like a magic. Looks everything right for the moment we'll see, who knows maybe this RC expired I buy a Windows 7? not go back to free Ubuntu or buy a Mac Mini? Who knows?

PS: Death To Software Piracy! I am living a true developer dream! Everything I am using is licensed or free of charge! YAY!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Chrome OS

It's been rather an exciting week so far. Google officially announced Chrome OS, which got me excited because I never pirate. For instance, I am using Windows only when MS sends an RC copy or something. Other times Ubuntu works for me.

You know at home, I am only using my computer for surfing and watching TV Series such as sitcoms etc. So Ubuntu is pretty much whatever I ask at the moment, but as I always say, if I ever become non-cheap, I'll buy a Mac. This is also because the actual Total-Cost-Of-Ownership wise, Mac is the cheapest system out there. You don't give much time to troubleshoot. Like you do with Ubuntu. You don't pay an overprice check for the Macos. Like you do with MS-Windows.

These are the reasons why I am excited for a new OS announced by Google. It'll be definetely free, and It'll be hopefully doing whatever I need at home. I think this is what I have to say about Chrome OS for now, you can check some details on this good blog here.

So, wassup on the MS side? I am hearing there is a very very majorly big major announcement coming over on Monday. I am anxious to know what it is. My tiny guess is something to do with Silverlight, which I adore nowadays. But we'll see on Monday. I need to be patient.

Till then I'll probably write somethings from the gaming world, there are some major announcements there too this week also.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Being Something In The Past

Have you ever heard the name Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815, London – 27 November 1852, Marylebone, London)? She is today considered as the first programmer since she was writing programs for Charles Babbage's general purpose mechanical computer back then. Yes you heard it right. And at this point whatever I say will be quoting the wikipedia or any other pages.

So what I am saying is that if someone claims that he/she was something or was doing something in any given time. It could be very well true. Let me give you a good example. Nowadays' popular topic. Being and doing SEO back in 90s. The argument is there wasn't even a word for it. And there wasn't the term SEO around.

Maybe there wasn't search engines that we take granted today. But there were some algorithms involved nontheless. And some people gave their time and efforts to make their sites appear in the first pages of certain search results within those limited capable search engines. What were they doing then? If not SEO? Of course I acknowledge that what they were doing wasn't today's SEO. Even maybe irrelevant. But one must remember Lady Lovelace wasn't programming webservices back then either... We honour her by giving her name to programming languages and appreciating her as the mother of computing!

It is a process which evolves over time, I can agree with that. BUT the argument is broken, wrong! You can say someone he/she is not SEO now or back then. But you cannot argue that there wasn't SEO's in any given time just because the term wasn't around!

Moreover; stop whining if you are not the first one at something... if you are not the one who invents, or not one of the firsts who's doing it. Not for SEO, not for anything. It is irritating. Or maybe your motivation is something other than being the first, I don't care. It is very annoying to say someone that he/she cannot be this or that because of some ridiculous terms and terms history. Terms are nothing, have no meaning at all.

PS: I, myself, have never done any SEO but I understand people are doing it over decades by now. Respect.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

iPhone OS 3.0

It's released, and I got it. I liked it. Here's my quick review on the items that I found important. From most important to least important.

Cut/Copy/Paste: Wow, at last! And it works like a wonder. Having it works on SMS is also awesome. Makes it life easier. Having it works on Notes & Mail is even more awesome than I thought.

Spotlight Search: Mac is not my primary system. Not at home, not at work. But such a search tool is very very efficient, now I understand... It is a definite must have.

Shake to Shuffle: It is good to have this on iPhone because I got used to it on my iPod Nano 4th gen. So this is important for me.

Delete single SMS thing: C'mon, everybody has some secret.

Messaging: Well I so rarely send MMS. I ever used it like 4 or 5 times total in my life, but people I know is using it and sending messages through it, so having it once again is nice. I'll be able to recieve MMSs yay. And overally the Messaging application is very cool.

Voice Memos: If I hadn't bought a paid one already, this would be the single thing that is the most important for me... It is essential. It is so important for me that it was the first application I bought. So having it already makes it the last improvement for me...

Other than these either I have not tested them or they are no important for me. But one must be comment about sharing the internet feature. It is also very essential, but iPhone itself answers all my mobile browsing needs. So I don't care about it that much with iPhone. Landscape keyboard for all other applications are definetely good but not for me I was quite ok with normal one. Safari crashes got fixed they say, it must be good but so far it behaves very well for me anyway. Youtube login, meeh not that important. Multiple iTunes account management is yes kind of good. I can use it if I ever need it, maybe on vacation or away from home and my personal computer. These are all good but only on paper for me anyway. Certain scenerios must be occur so that I can find them like WOW THAT'S SO COOL!

A friend of mine was in need of sending contacts on the air. And at last he got it. I heard another friend who is very happy with new Wi-Fi feature. Heard from noone about notes sync, lol.

So they say there are over 100 new features. But those are the key ones that I tried to cover.

Oh I was forgetting that now Assassin's Creed works. So this must be why Gameloft was silent. Still it is bad publicity and stuff...

Ok, that covers all for me...

P.S: 10 mb edge limit is ridiculous and Sega's Sonic game is still not very good responsive to jump/action button.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Patience as a Virtue

Which I don't have. I have no patience whatsoever. Non at all at least when it comes to the stuff that I am very very interested in like technological toys and stuff. For instance; if it is said it is on June 17, I expect it to have it when I wake up. No compromises. If I'll have it on the next day then don't say it is on June 17, say June 18. And I couldn't care less about the time regions. I don't live in the promising party's coutry. I live in my own home country. And my time and date is set by that. Not their own country. Make it the release dates to my country because I am your customer too, you fartlings!

Although I may understand the boxed goods like electronics, hard copy video games and etc... Not all but to a level, I know logistics and deliveries are bitch most of the time. But it is not acceptable as long as the product itself is a digital download, or something like it, like a tv show or alike. Because everyone cares about their own time actually.

My words are going -especially- to big bozos like Apple & Microsoft. I wonder when this issue will become an actual issue of customer relations and customer appreciation subject. Every big company tries their best efforts to keep their customers happy, but noone thought about ridiculous times, time periods of releases and like, I don't know, help desk working hours? In my humble opinion this should be addressed.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Daring Fireball

I found out a new awesome blog recently via FriendFeed. The guy speaks the truth, and I liked his attitude and stuff.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

SoapUI 3.0 Beta 2

It has been released, with a lot of fixes. That's good but what is really new? Let's take a look;

~Added native installers for Mac OS X and Linux
~Fixed moving of TestCases with properties
~Added [mocking] Multithreaded onResponse/afterRequest MockService scripts
~Added [mocking] Ability to specify local host to bind to

There a lot of new big features and fixes other than these 4. However these are the ones that I am really interested in. I am anxious to see the final version.

For the official site: Click Here!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Assassin's Creed, Gameloft, iPhone

Hello, I don't know how to address this stoopeedness? First, Gameloft has released Assassin's Creed portable version on iPhone. I don't want to fix on negativeness of the whole situation, but the game uses their "Hero of Sparta" Engine. And the gameplay experience is as bad as the NintendoDS version. There's not any improvement over that port. Remember the original game [X-Box 360 version etc...], it was a master piece, a state of art... Second, and more importantly, the game is crashing after the first demo for many of the user-base. It has been over a month and there is still no fix. There is no word or explanation or a fix date or an apology of anykind. If this is not very bad publicity for all accounts, I do not know what is.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

'"Hosts" File Edit'er

Ok. I am making words up. But I am too drunk to think straight. I am sick of Windows' administrator rights and stuff. Everytime it asks me that permission thingie to edit that file, I get iritated, so I wrote this tiny little script. And sharing it with you, it's pretty simple write an IP address and then write the name for it. It will add it to hosts file. So you won't need editing it or any free dns or something like it. Just give your user `the right` from security tab to access to that stoopeed file and use my script. That's it. If you don't already know what I am talking about, you should ignore this post. Here's the tiny .VBS script.

Dim Stuff, FileSys, WriteStuff
Stuff = ip & " " & domain
Set FileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set WriteStuff = FileSys.OpenTextFile("c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts", 8, True)
SET WriteStuff = NOTHING

Notice that there is no exception handling or something, I assumed you are smart enough to execute this properly. Thanks for watching.

Scripting is even funnier, when you are drunk. I should try Sed&Awk...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Google Profiles

Wow, I am on fire! I am everywhere.

Get yours. And enjoy!

It's quite useful, actually. It virtually supports and feeds everyother network around. But you know, somehow I have the feeling that it won't be that popular. And with this much competition, I am pretty sure this one will get lost in the crowd. I wish to be wrong.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

And Now Friendfeed Too

Yeah yeah I am pretty social nowadays, right? LOL.

Seems convenient for now, we'll see. And I'll be giving details here and there too if I see something worthy.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Best HP QTP Blog

One address for everything you need;

Guy has everything. In fact; not just QTP, think about the whole solution, there are a nice selection of blogs/websites, tips, tricks, examples, etc... It is practically the best source for me right now. Whatever I am looking for it is either in the help menu of the HP tools or there in that blog. It is that simple, know this site, and the help of the tool itself. You even don't need google =] .

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Questionable Content

If you never heard of this webcomic, it means you have been in a cave like last 5 years or something. That's ok though, it is not late. It also means on this address, (c'mon click on it don't be shy), you will find the fun of approximately 7 years. just start reading from the first issue. I wish I was that lucky and never heard of it so I would have that much to read now... Anyway, you are lucky, c'mon go read =] =] what're you waiting for?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dark Side Temptations

I wrote a new journal entry to my Deviantart page here: for all the drama queens and kings out there, I think you will enjoy my last entry (named Joining the Dark Side) so much it will make you... I have no idea what it will make you, just read if you are up to it. Thanks in advance if you comment about it :P .

Thursday, 29 January 2009


You should have (if any interest) already noticed that I love Star Wars. Anyways, I am watching Clone Wars nowadays with great anticipation. I Liked it a lot. And since it is not originally airing in my country, I am watching it a day or two late by downloading and/or try to catch it on satellite or something like that every weekend. I don't like this a bit. So I decided to give iTunes a chance. I am strictly against Apple Products. But Star Wars can be a great mind changer for me. So I installed, so I got an account, so I bought an episode. Then what the #u##? Resolution is horrible, there are movie artifacts all over the video, it is like a VCD quality or something. Then I try to search it on the web a lil bit, dig some blog and forums. People usually say that it is not that bad (yea there may be something wrong with my "catching the details if it is about star wars" skills), thus I got the idea that something wrong with my settings maybe another software maybe just maybe hardware? I am not sure yet because I didn't have time to investigate if something's wrong with my settings. But at the moment I found it highly very unlikely. Because I have no other problems with any other codec. And I can watch pretty good ".mov" files. Still I'll try to figure it out, but I am keeping my hopes low profile :P for the moment. Anyways; after the video issues I also gave a try to radio services on iTunes. I didn't try it out in details but the result is: Last.Fm FTW once again! Last.Fm Last.Fm Last.FM!

Monday, 26 January 2009


Hello there once again! I am shocked! trully! I wasn't aware such a webcomic exists in the first place. I laughing so hard some of the jokes there that I am constant danger of falling from my chair while laughing!

For a start point, Click Here!

My 2 favourites are so far (yea I am reading it slowly because it is so much fun I don't want to exhaust it in a day):

Enjoy! They are awesome! Thank you Matt Moylan!

Thursday, 22 January 2009


For a long long time I have been reading webcomics. I enjoy them so much, people usually say that they envy me. They want to enjoy webcomics as much as I am. And stuff you know. Everyone wanna laugh bla bla whatever. And today 2 of my colleagues came up with this idea, they said: "you are blogging, you are commenting practically everywhere, you are drawing horribly, you have, well, not that good but sometimes pretty ok jokes. Why don't you have a webcomic? You like them so much."... Well to me it seems possible, at least it is a project. A new project which I trully don't need right now -I just learnt that my manager decided to deploy me to a new project, so I have 4 in my work environment already, and they are taking my time leaving nothing to me. So it is a thinking process (not even a brain storm) of a new project as of this moment. We'll see where it goes however I found it neccessary to give my 2 cents just to encourage myself. What I mean is like "C'mon you already mentioned it, you should give it a try" kind of a monologue!
0k10xbye4now :P

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sister Blog

Hello there again. My sister just began to keep a weblog too, her address is there she writes short stories, gossip, her 2 cents, well her stuff of interests. She also writes for a magazine. And a great writer/author she is, I consider. I'll be commenting there too. Wish you luck sister!