Monday, 12 July 2010

MSN on iPhone...

Quick post, this will be. Microsoft has just released official MSN App for the iPhone. That's quite awesome, no really, it is a very good thing for MS to do.

BUT WHY IS MSN 8 FOR MAC STILL BETA?!?!?! and broken...?

We have tons of different solutions to use Live Accounts on iPhone. On Mac I cannot say it is true, at least for me. I was waiting for a decent version of MSN for Mac over 2 years now. MS only releases more and more irrelevant(*) apps on iPhone! That I do not understand, please Microsoft; first fix the main platform(**) which is Mac OS X not iOS...

(*): Bing, Seadragon, Tag (however I see a bright future for Tag, still; on iPhone, it is irrelevant in my humble opinion).

(**): Here is the link to the borked version of MSN for MAC 8, which is still in beta and has a lot of known issues... (if somehow it becomes released and gets completely fixed, I am probably not going to bother to edit this post. So I state that this is on 12/07/10.)