Thursday, 9 July 2009

Chrome OS

It's been rather an exciting week so far. Google officially announced Chrome OS, which got me excited because I never pirate. For instance, I am using Windows only when MS sends an RC copy or something. Other times Ubuntu works for me.

You know at home, I am only using my computer for surfing and watching TV Series such as sitcoms etc. So Ubuntu is pretty much whatever I ask at the moment, but as I always say, if I ever become non-cheap, I'll buy a Mac. This is also because the actual Total-Cost-Of-Ownership wise, Mac is the cheapest system out there. You don't give much time to troubleshoot. Like you do with Ubuntu. You don't pay an overprice check for the Macos. Like you do with MS-Windows.

These are the reasons why I am excited for a new OS announced by Google. It'll be definetely free, and It'll be hopefully doing whatever I need at home. I think this is what I have to say about Chrome OS for now, you can check some details on this good blog here.

So, wassup on the MS side? I am hearing there is a very very majorly big major announcement coming over on Monday. I am anxious to know what it is. My tiny guess is something to do with Silverlight, which I adore nowadays. But we'll see on Monday. I need to be patient.

Till then I'll probably write somethings from the gaming world, there are some major announcements there too this week also.



  1. TCO is a bullshit created by software sellers. Mac sells you the same hardware painted in white as much as double its worth.

    Well Mac OS doesn't need any more thing to add on but can it do anything that GNU/Linux (namely Ubuntu/Kubuntu) do without paying any extra? Probably not. :)

    So Mac is probably only for cult of apple worshippers who does really love to pay huge premium for things painted in white, stripped off their capabilities and deeply vendor-locked. Period.

  2. I agree, OS X is for cults.