Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Patience as a Virtue

Which I don't have. I have no patience whatsoever. Non at all at least when it comes to the stuff that I am very very interested in like technological toys and stuff. For instance; if it is said it is on June 17, I expect it to have it when I wake up. No compromises. If I'll have it on the next day then don't say it is on June 17, say June 18. And I couldn't care less about the time regions. I don't live in the promising party's coutry. I live in my own home country. And my time and date is set by that. Not their own country. Make it the release dates to my country because I am your customer too, you fartlings!

Although I may understand the boxed goods like electronics, hard copy video games and etc... Not all but to a level, I know logistics and deliveries are bitch most of the time. But it is not acceptable as long as the product itself is a digital download, or something like it, like a tv show or alike. Because everyone cares about their own time actually.

My words are going -especially- to big bozos like Apple & Microsoft. I wonder when this issue will become an actual issue of customer relations and customer appreciation subject. Every big company tries their best efforts to keep their customers happy, but noone thought about ridiculous times, time periods of releases and like, I don't know, help desk working hours? In my humble opinion this should be addressed.

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