Saturday, 19 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII and Avatar

Who cares anymore I don't know. To me it is nothing. I wasn't any fan of the series. I played 3 or 4 of them and completed only 1 of them. I understand people love the series. The question is is it really still this way? Don't think so, 'cause most of my friends who is a die hard fan for FF series are not talking about this particular installment. Even Kotaku.COM has different Agenda I think... Look at the pictures;

Anyways, it is out in japan for a while now if you don't have the patience for english.

The real deal is, it will be released on X Box 360 too (US and EU only)... That's g00d, more people will have access if they ever want to play.

Another g00d news is Avatar is finally out and kicking some asses! Tickets are sold out and that's promising.

I watched it on Imax and liked it... It is so visually orgasmic everyone forgets about the sound effects. They are awesome too. if you watch it more than once, care about the sounds the next time you watch.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

After VGA

The biggest news for me is of course The Force Unleashed II. I was going to be excited no matter what, but nontheless it was a surprise and was a nice trailer afterall. Also one must admit Samuel L. Jackson is great at whatever he does. He announced the game in a very cool way... There is not much to tell at this point other than Lucasarts will develop the game internally.
Another exciting news for me was the in game demo trailer for Halo Reach! It sure looks handsomely awesome. There was a quote in it like "Spartans never die, they are just missing in action". That was a nice quote, motivating to do flagging @ XBL some more...
Conclusion is 2010 will be a great year for gamers. Batman Arkham Asylum 2, New Medal of Honor, tOR MMO, tFU, Halo Reach etc. etc. all comes in 2010. It'll be an interesting year for sure.
Anyways thanks to for a great night and show.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


In recent months there was a leap in numbers of the applications on iPhone AppStore. I wonder if it is ever going to be unmanageable for both sides in the future. I mean the Apple, and the customer. Already, there are so many apps to choose from if you want a specific tool; say a twitter client. And the search is even today started to get messy. I am only guessing here; but I think soon the problems will begin to emerge due to high numbers. Besides I am hearing AppRejectPolicies are getting also out of hand...

And on the other hand, every other major mobile phone or platform company has a store now. To me which is even worse for a customer stand of point. For instance I bought a phone and a multi-platform app for this phone. Then I decided I hate this phone and bought a new one or return/change it etc. Now I have to buy that app again for the new platform. Such Apps are minority right now but I suspect there will be more in the future due to high demand. Apps should be one licence per person, not phone. This will make you customer very happy. Take my words for it 'cause now changing a phone is too easy. Thanks to uncontrollable competition in the market.

Besides, everyone must know by now, in this era copying something is not good enough to get a slice from the pie... You need to better the things a lil bit up for success. I don't see a point opening a store up with so little enhancements and overall quality? Are they doing it because of prestige issues? like "they have it, so must we!". That shouldn't be the way.

It's been such a long time since I wrote but a lot has changed. I begin to write at and it takes time, a lot of my time. You know I love Star Wars.

And now I noticed my attitude is somehow like Daring Fireball. Respect! :)