Thursday, 22 January 2009


For a long long time I have been reading webcomics. I enjoy them so much, people usually say that they envy me. They want to enjoy webcomics as much as I am. And stuff you know. Everyone wanna laugh bla bla whatever. And today 2 of my colleagues came up with this idea, they said: "you are blogging, you are commenting practically everywhere, you are drawing horribly, you have, well, not that good but sometimes pretty ok jokes. Why don't you have a webcomic? You like them so much."... Well to me it seems possible, at least it is a project. A new project which I trully don't need right now -I just learnt that my manager decided to deploy me to a new project, so I have 4 in my work environment already, and they are taking my time leaving nothing to me. So it is a thinking process (not even a brain storm) of a new project as of this moment. We'll see where it goes however I found it neccessary to give my 2 cents just to encourage myself. What I mean is like "C'mon you already mentioned it, you should give it a try" kind of a monologue!
0k10xbye4now :P

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  1. kesinlikle denemelisin, ben gönüllü destekçinim bu konuda :)