Sunday, 6 September 2009

Favourite Quotes From Wikinomics

Earlier last month I finally read Wikinomics. While I am reading I took some nice quotation notes just to share them here. And now I had time to eliminate the ones that didn't make sense by themselves. So here goes nothing;

-Entrepreneurs and IT professionals see cloud computing as the next logical frontier, like going from answering machines to voicemail. If all of one’s information is stored in the cloud instead of on a hard drive, losing your laptop won’t be such a big deal. (I took this note but I couldn't find it in Wikinomics again to confirm because I have not written a page number associated to my notes)

-Imagine a world in which every person on the planet is given free 
access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing. (This one actually belongs to Mr. Wales)

-IBM called it 'account control'. Detractor called it 'hotel 
proprietary'. (Knowing what kind of evil company IBM is, I chose this purposefully =] . You can see the actual subject on Page 78, Wikinomics)

-Chance favors the prepared mind. (This one said by Pasteur, Louis)

-Paradigms are mental models that constrain our thinking and are often 
based on assumptions so strong we don't notice them. (Page 285, Wikinomics)

-The new web is about verbs not nouns. (Page 46, Wikinomics)

All of them I like, every single of them gives insight. Enjoy. And enjoy the book if you still didn't read it. I know I did. Once again; thanks to Tugce Esener, who informed me in the first place =] .

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