Tuesday, 14 July 2009

SoapUI 3.0 Final Release

I was too busy using the beta version, I missed the Final Release. For who doesn't know what it is? It is the most featured, easy to learn, user friendly SOA-Testing tool ever written.

It makes the testing process even easier, fun and eye-candy to show off in meetings. I already covered best improvements for me in an earlier post. But overally this 3.0 series will be even cooler, it looks like. Here's the official web page of SoapUI. And Here's the direct download page. Let me tell you this, it is worth the price, without second thinking. Make your project team buy this tool if you are developing SOA in order to have a fully featured testing suit for semi-pro needs.
They say "As always thank you to all of our users that have reported issues and annoyances, we owe you :-)". And I say "no we thank you eviware."

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