Thursday, 18 June 2009

iPhone OS 3.0

It's released, and I got it. I liked it. Here's my quick review on the items that I found important. From most important to least important.

Cut/Copy/Paste: Wow, at last! And it works like a wonder. Having it works on SMS is also awesome. Makes it life easier. Having it works on Notes & Mail is even more awesome than I thought.

Spotlight Search: Mac is not my primary system. Not at home, not at work. But such a search tool is very very efficient, now I understand... It is a definite must have.

Shake to Shuffle: It is good to have this on iPhone because I got used to it on my iPod Nano 4th gen. So this is important for me.

Delete single SMS thing: C'mon, everybody has some secret.

Messaging: Well I so rarely send MMS. I ever used it like 4 or 5 times total in my life, but people I know is using it and sending messages through it, so having it once again is nice. I'll be able to recieve MMSs yay. And overally the Messaging application is very cool.

Voice Memos: If I hadn't bought a paid one already, this would be the single thing that is the most important for me... It is essential. It is so important for me that it was the first application I bought. So having it already makes it the last improvement for me...

Other than these either I have not tested them or they are no important for me. But one must be comment about sharing the internet feature. It is also very essential, but iPhone itself answers all my mobile browsing needs. So I don't care about it that much with iPhone. Landscape keyboard for all other applications are definetely good but not for me I was quite ok with normal one. Safari crashes got fixed they say, it must be good but so far it behaves very well for me anyway. Youtube login, meeh not that important. Multiple iTunes account management is yes kind of good. I can use it if I ever need it, maybe on vacation or away from home and my personal computer. These are all good but only on paper for me anyway. Certain scenerios must be occur so that I can find them like WOW THAT'S SO COOL!

A friend of mine was in need of sending contacts on the air. And at last he got it. I heard another friend who is very happy with new Wi-Fi feature. Heard from noone about notes sync, lol.

So they say there are over 100 new features. But those are the key ones that I tried to cover.

Oh I was forgetting that now Assassin's Creed works. So this must be why Gameloft was silent. Still it is bad publicity and stuff...

Ok, that covers all for me...

P.S: 10 mb edge limit is ridiculous and Sega's Sonic game is still not very good responsive to jump/action button.


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  2. In the end it is still an iPhone and only a rival to PSP. Ah yes, it does have GSM network capability. :P

    Well, I sold my soul to Nokia (Our Altaic Finn bros) for they have the real mobile OS: Symbian.

  3. Ahhh yes Symbian. The lord of the Mobile OS's I have stated previously, I am using iPhone because it is free from Turkcell for my high bills. If anything happens to it I am back to cheap model Winmobile phones.