Thursday, 29 January 2009


You should have (if any interest) already noticed that I love Star Wars. Anyways, I am watching Clone Wars nowadays with great anticipation. I Liked it a lot. And since it is not originally airing in my country, I am watching it a day or two late by downloading and/or try to catch it on satellite or something like that every weekend. I don't like this a bit. So I decided to give iTunes a chance. I am strictly against Apple Products. But Star Wars can be a great mind changer for me. So I installed, so I got an account, so I bought an episode. Then what the #u##? Resolution is horrible, there are movie artifacts all over the video, it is like a VCD quality or something. Then I try to search it on the web a lil bit, dig some blog and forums. People usually say that it is not that bad (yea there may be something wrong with my "catching the details if it is about star wars" skills), thus I got the idea that something wrong with my settings maybe another software maybe just maybe hardware? I am not sure yet because I didn't have time to investigate if something's wrong with my settings. But at the moment I found it highly very unlikely. Because I have no other problems with any other codec. And I can watch pretty good ".mov" files. Still I'll try to figure it out, but I am keeping my hopes low profile :P for the moment. Anyways; after the video issues I also gave a try to radio services on iTunes. I didn't try it out in details but the result is: Last.Fm FTW once again! Last.Fm Last.Fm Last.FM!

Monday, 26 January 2009


Hello there once again! I am shocked! trully! I wasn't aware such a webcomic exists in the first place. I laughing so hard some of the jokes there that I am constant danger of falling from my chair while laughing!

For a start point, Click Here!

My 2 favourites are so far (yea I am reading it slowly because it is so much fun I don't want to exhaust it in a day):

Enjoy! They are awesome! Thank you Matt Moylan!

Thursday, 22 January 2009


For a long long time I have been reading webcomics. I enjoy them so much, people usually say that they envy me. They want to enjoy webcomics as much as I am. And stuff you know. Everyone wanna laugh bla bla whatever. And today 2 of my colleagues came up with this idea, they said: "you are blogging, you are commenting practically everywhere, you are drawing horribly, you have, well, not that good but sometimes pretty ok jokes. Why don't you have a webcomic? You like them so much."... Well to me it seems possible, at least it is a project. A new project which I trully don't need right now -I just learnt that my manager decided to deploy me to a new project, so I have 4 in my work environment already, and they are taking my time leaving nothing to me. So it is a thinking process (not even a brain storm) of a new project as of this moment. We'll see where it goes however I found it neccessary to give my 2 cents just to encourage myself. What I mean is like "C'mon you already mentioned it, you should give it a try" kind of a monologue!
0k10xbye4now :P

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Sister Blog

Hello there again. My sister just began to keep a weblog too, her address is there she writes short stories, gossip, her 2 cents, well her stuff of interests. She also writes for a magazine. And a great writer/author she is, I consider. I'll be commenting there too. Wish you luck sister!