Thursday, 11 June 2009

SoapUI 3.0 Beta 2

It has been released, with a lot of fixes. That's good but what is really new? Let's take a look;

~Added native installers for Mac OS X and Linux
~Fixed moving of TestCases with properties
~Added [mocking] Multithreaded onResponse/afterRequest MockService scripts
~Added [mocking] Ability to specify local host to bind to

There a lot of new big features and fixes other than these 4. However these are the ones that I am really interested in. I am anxious to see the final version.

For the official site: Click Here!


  1. Great! Please let us know how these features work out for you!



  2. hey :D

    so far so good, mocks are good, and hey the company i work for [no need to mention here] has the pro license. this is why i am anxious for the new pro version :D .