Saturday, 19 December 2009

Final Fantasy XIII and Avatar

Who cares anymore I don't know. To me it is nothing. I wasn't any fan of the series. I played 3 or 4 of them and completed only 1 of them. I understand people love the series. The question is is it really still this way? Don't think so, 'cause most of my friends who is a die hard fan for FF series are not talking about this particular installment. Even Kotaku.COM has different Agenda I think... Look at the pictures;

Anyways, it is out in japan for a while now if you don't have the patience for english.

The real deal is, it will be released on X Box 360 too (US and EU only)... That's g00d, more people will have access if they ever want to play.

Another g00d news is Avatar is finally out and kicking some asses! Tickets are sold out and that's promising.

I watched it on Imax and liked it... It is so visually orgasmic everyone forgets about the sound effects. They are awesome too. if you watch it more than once, care about the sounds the next time you watch.

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