Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Breaking But Not So Breaking News

Here is a quicky of the new EA sports "thing". They made a card game about Madden. It'll be released in January sometime and unlike the Fifa counterpart; it will be completely free. I didn't play the Fifa version but I hear it is doing well. I am expecting something similar but easier if any possible. Free means, kids will have access, kids playing it means it must be so easy. Thanks to success of Magic the Gathering Online; my prediction is we'll see more of these...

It'll be downloadable within the full version of the game. At least they say so. No! not for handhelds.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Canon 500D

I seem to like it, began to post some photos to my page which is altho I don't know the original US release name of the Camera. I know it is different than tha Asia and Europe, something like Rebel XYZ1LS [making up the name as I go everytime I need to say it lol] but don't know don't care the real US model name. Back to subject, It's a very good machine, in fact it is more than what I expected. I must add if anyone needs something more than this one, let's call them real bigo bigo professionals... This camera answers every single need of mine.

Anyways my latest trial is this photo. Take a look at the gallery also please.

I will mostly use it for close-ups. Plane models and stuff kind of close-ups.