Thursday, 26 June 2014

Virtual Datapower First Configuration and Initialization!

Finally I got my hands on with DataPower Virtual Appliance. It was hard to tinker on real environments. Even using them as your lab environment is somehow bothersome. But having a virtual one is very good since one can do most of the software tinkering without having to worry.

I will show you how to get the thing up and running with admin gui, in fact it is so pretty easy; this whole post is like unnecessary.

Once it boots the first screen we saw is login screen. It is dummy at this point. Just type admin for login name and admin for password...

After that it asks if Disaster Recovery mode to be enabled, say yes,

Just right after it is going to ask a new password, not every password will be accepted. Type a secure one,

Then it is going to ask if wizard is to be used. 'Yes' is the answer,

First to be configured is Network. It is also true for the hardware variation. Until network to be configured, we use the serial telnet connection. It holds true for virtual one, in theory we are using the console port right now. No interface has ip yet, configure as needed. I use dhcp for all 4 interfaces, VM host side interfaces should be 'bridged' not NAT. Least until initial configuration part is done,

Step 1 (network is completed), now is time for the step 2 and 3. They are easy, give a DNS and unique identifier... Such as;

Step 4-5-6-7 are also easy, screenshot is below and pretty much self explanatory;

Now it is actually done but we cannot use DataPower yet. We need to accept the terms and license. This can only be done via the Web-GUI. it actually tells how to enable it, type it exactly...

admin-state enabled
local-address 0 9090
open up a browser of choice. Type the first interface's ip like http://x.x.x.x:9090 then accept the terms. If you do not know the ip that it took from dhcp type "show interface" without quotes.
In the console now you can write mem and save the config. That's it. You can use you DPXI52 virtual appliance as if it is a real one.