Saturday, 27 February 2010

Silverlight on iPhone?

Ok. Nowadays, it seems everbody is accepting the truth that Adobe's Flash is too slow to run on low power consumpted handheld devices. Or rather I say Apple's devices, yeah that sounds more appropriate (btw I am an iPhone user and excited about iPad). The thind I wonder most about is, well uhmm, is it true for Microsoft's Silverlight too?

I know for a fact that Adobe's optimizations are "file size" oriented. It is said that developers at Adobe are strictly dictated over patch sizes and new versions in about 3 digit byte levels. Also I know for another fact that Silverlight is CPU-wise optimized. So why not fully support Silverlight instead of so called slow Flash on Safari Mobile. At least we'll have an alternative, and that's better than nothing.

Over a night, things change. Today the video on internets may equal to Adobe's Flash. Tomorrow, if everything played nice by Microsoft, it could be Silverlight in my humble opinion.

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