Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Halo Legends! AHOY! At Last It Is Out!

Halo Legends DVD is OUT! I already bought it from Amazon and watched it twice. In fact I watched the 8th episode of it 3rd times already. It is, in one word, SPECTACULAR. I was amazed, and learnt many new things about Halo Universe...

The details are breathtaking. I haven't watched the special features disc yet, but soon will. I am pretty sure it will be very satisfactory too.

Anyways I recommend it to everyone from one who has no idea to the one who is already a Hard Core Halo Fan. A must have I must say.

Let me close this post with this quote:
"Don't make a girl a promise... If you know you can't keep it."
-Catherine Elisabeth Halsey, MD, Ph.D.

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