Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Well, TYTZ is a tagline for a local branch of Doritos. Tam Yeri Tam Zamani... It means, well roughly, the right place, the right time. They have a new campaign/ad. It's called Hisseli Tatlar Kampanyasi.

What is so good that makes me write about it? Let me explain. This campaign comes with this site, which allows contestants to make their own virtual recipé according to their own likings. After that one can join the competition to vote more than the others to win a prize which is 10.000 Liras (approx. 6800 US dollars) and bonus gifts etc.

The whole campaign is so addictive to see what others done so far and how are you doing in the competition, I liked it. I liked the idea, simple, creative and yet compelling to participate in. Moreover, it is stated that when one wins he/she will have a 1% gain from the sales of the new taste which she/he invented in the first place!

Pretty neat idea, I must say! Enjoy if you know Turkish =] ...

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