Sunday, 14 March 2010

tFU Hoth Expansion

I just played the Force Unleashed Hoth Expansion Mission Pack. Guess what? There is no single achievement for the whole thing on X-Box Live! The overall quality was not as good as the previous expansions. I didn't get disappointed that much however. It was still the Force Unleashed action but, well could be 400 MS Points or so, at the moment it is 800. 800 is not much but to this particular mission pack it is a little bit much, I acknowledged.

Anyways... Until the sequel hits the stores I am guessing this will be the only tFU action we are going to get. I mean I don't think we are gonna get another expainsion for the first game. Maybe some more Avatar Tees or something like that, but that's all. Any new game content; I don't think. In fact that may be the last content ever for this game. We'll see.

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