Thursday, 25 August 2011

Windows 8 (M3) On 2008 R2 SP1 Hyper-V!

This may look like a complex title but it is so. I am just trying out Windows 8 leaked build on a Hyper-V VM of a 180 days trial version of MS Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise Server.

Let me just show you some pictures...

This one is the moments away from finishing the installation.

This is when I'm done with user and first use settings.

I changed that wallpaper ("shh let's not leak our hard work" thingie) so you can read that text (build 7989 winmain thing and the disciplinary note), and my trial 2008 Server.

So, now I am gonna try to install Internet Explorer 10 Developer Preview. Strangely Windows 8 (Build 7989 Milestone 3) came with IE version 9. I understand that there is "Windows 7 Ultimate" text everywhere on this very early preview version, but why IE9? IE10 will most certainly be completed (and already released in some form) and bundled with Windows 8. So why not include the IE10 beta even now in this leak? May it be 'cause they want it (this Windows 8 version) as stable as possible, therefore avoid unnecessary beta utilities? It can't, because it is not supposed to leak?! or maybe... hmm.

A little surprise, by the way, came with Windows 8, IIS 8! There it is;

Click on it for full size image.

Internet Information Services version 8, in other saying IIS 8, is or will be ready with Windows 8 Family (server and desktop editions) and armed with something they called Smooth Streaming.

UPDATE: I tried IE 10 Platform Preview 2. It works very smooth and fast, I am impressed. Really, It was good.

Also, last time when I write this post, I forgot to take the picture of Microsoft Beta Fish so here it goes ^ .

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