Friday, 13 May 2011

8.5 Billion! WOW!

8.5 Billion! WOW! Microsoft bought Skype for that amount. Dollars! Cash!

That's actually great, in my opinion. I mean now MS has a control of (select amount of) communication in nearly every handheld and all computers. Whether you use PSP or iPad, Android or Symbian, MacOSX or Linux you use a Microsoft Service. That's, however, ok for me. I like Microsoft products. I mean I have Mac Mini and iPhone but my only console is X Box 360 for instance and I use MS Office on Mac. What I am saying is, a widely used comm service such as Skype now belongs to Microsoft and that's too much power for a company like Microsoft but I am ok with it, and reading that people are also ok with it. No big deal? Right? Right. BUT 8.5 BILLION!? WOW I MEAN C'MON!!! 8.5!!! Eight point five! Billionzz!?

Anyways, very congratulations for MS and Skype...

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