Thursday, 6 March 2014

HD 7770 (x2) X-Fire Setting For OpenCL + Pyrit

Not long ago, I bought 2 HD7770 for my rig. And then decided to give a try to the Pyrit. Everyone knows Pyrit right? Ok.

It's actually pretty easy to set Pyrit up for gpu. IN THEORY! I spent 4-5 hours for my setting to operate correctly this time around... Last time I was trying Pyrit-CUDA on a hybrid gpu notebook and it was a real pain. Like real pain.

Anyhow, I use Kali as my distro cause at least it is pre-patched for all my wifi dongles. I, at least, don't bother with the firmware patching and stuff.

So let's start with the AMD-ATI official drivers. Use this script to install them, the guy who wrote is brilliant and did a tremendous amount of work. So we don't have to get through that hell every time we need to install AMD-ATI drivers. Script simply works just run it and pour a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Then we need to install AMDAPP 2.7 because the script installs drivers version 8.96 something. these can be found on official AMD site. If you somehow manage the install the drivers without above script, you probably have another version. You should check the appropriate compatible version of APP SDK and then download that specific version accordingly. You can trust the instructions on the official page. They work, unlike the driver installation part of the official AMD site.

If all is well so far, then we need some more libraries that is not included with the standard setup of KALI Linux. Below the command to do that;
apt-get install opencl-icd-dev
apt-get install libpcap0.8-dev

You may need to update kernel headers and apt-get update. I assume you are familiar with those or already done it.

Now it is time for us to compile Pyrit. We should edit cpyrit/ script accordingly to this blog. Read carefully and do exactly, we should be fine. Then we compile opencl-pyrit module. We should get no error if everything is good so far.

We should be done at this point just test it if Pyrit sees your AMD OpenCL supported device by 'listcores' parameter. We should see the whole device as one single core just like a CPU core. That's OK though. Pyrit will utilize all the cores available on that OpenCL device.

Congrats, you have now acquired more power to crack WPA passwords faster. If you still have problems or could not complete the guide above for some reason, please let me know so I may be able to help.

PS: Sorry I published this post before I finished it and never realized. This is the finished version.

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