Sunday, 25 August 2013

Edimax 3G-6200nL & Raspberry Pi

I am sharing the setting I recently got together. At the time of preparing it, it makes much sense to me. After completing it, I found it pretty useless; but maybe it gives some inspiration to someone to do similar thing for a more useful project so I am sharing.

First I flashed my old Edimax 3G-6200nL with OpenWRT, details are on the OpenWRT forums, a guy did an awesome job to put together the trunk image.

'Tho the configuration of the router was very hard and painful due to only 16 mb of ram on the device, many resets has been issued till I am done with it and disable the LuCI for good for some more space in the memory. The model 3G-6200n has 32 mb of ram, just a reminder.

I used the router's Wi-Fi to connect to an AP. Share the connection through its Ethernet. So Raspberry Pi gets internet wirelessly (well kind of... lol) and used the router's USB to power up the Pi, strangely it did the trick no problem. I am using only one mini blutooth dongle on the Pi for both keyboard+mouse. But I also modded the Pi with a very mini fan and a cooling plate, fan operates from the gpio of the Pi itself as seen in the photos.

So what do I have here?

2A@5V adapter of the 6200nL powers up both the router and the Pi as in such configuration. I have a Linux ARM PC with a dedicated router which consumes as little as 2A@5V.

full size of the photos:
Let me know if link of the full size photos is problematic.


  1. Hi! I have a 3G router that seems to be very much the same as the Edimax 6200nL - can you clarify exactly which OpenWRT firmware you flashed? I've searched the OpenWRT forums and found discussions / firmware by "guenti" but this is for the 6200n (which has 4 LAN ports and a USB Printer function).

    1. I also used a firmware from guenti. I can't remember the details. Sorry for late reply. You should ask in OpenWRT forums with photos of the router if you can take some. Guys overthere are very helpful, amazing community.

  2. Hi! Can you see what element is installed in 3g-6200nl under number U12? I want to flash openwrt to my old router. But it is not working.