Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fury Of The Furries...

2011's Nostalgia to me is that the game called Fury Of The Furries.

In "Fury Of The Furries", player assumes the control of a furry bouncy small ball creatures (LOL ?!). There were 4 types of this creatures, one with hadooken, one with the ability to swim (actually dive I think), one is like Spider-Man, and one can eat rocks. The game design consisted of puzzle oriented levels that we lose one ability and get another to do some tasks in order to reach the next level.

It was a brilliant puzzle platformer. "Why did I remember this game out of all others?" is a good question. Because I think, it would be an awesome port to smartphones such as Windows Phone or Android and stuff... Many games which are puzzle platformers on those appmarkets are so repetitive after some levels. This game was not! Since the developers and publishers port whatever they find these days, In my opinion this would be a really nice choice.

From Wikipedia I found out that the publisher and the developer is Kallisto Entertainment. Maybe some publisher can do this port, I hope?

Anyways Happy New Year!

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