Sunday, 12 September 2010

Eisenhorn, by Dan Abnett...

Hello all, nowadays my fulltime job is a bit crazy. I don't have much time for anything, except I am reading some Sci-Fi genre novels. Warhammer 40000, Halo, Star Wars are, of course, my favourites as always.

The thing is as soon as I got some more time I am going to begin painting some Warhammer Miniatures. I am craving for it but don't have time. This is mostly because this omnibus I read recently. The Omnibus they call because it includes 3 books and 2 short stories. Anyways; it was about this Character from Warhammer 40000-verse. Eisenhorn is a well read, well constructed, well backgrounded trilogy. Dan Abnett, indeed it is not my place to say, had done an awesome job. I liked it so much i am seriously considering reading it again in the near future. The book is about this inquisitor, Gregor Eisenhorn, who brings justice to the enemies of the Imperium. I know many of you, Warhammer Fans, are sick of Imperium and anything about Imperium (stories, games etc...). But believe me when I say this; this omnibus is something! I recommend it thoroughly. I am going to cut short this post as usual and will finish it with a quote from the book...

"In my lifetime, I have brought down nine marked Extremis Diabolus Hereticus. None went quietly." -Gregor Eisenhorn of the Holy Inquisition.

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