Monday, 27 February 2017

Harry Potter and the J.K. Rowling’s Nazi Love!!?

Hello everyone. Long time no see. I’m back but this time with some strange news. We are going to stray away from the technology a little bit this time. So excuse me.

Apparently all those Nazi symbolism in Harry Potter books and movies are not for nothing.

There are some photos recently surfaced that speaks for themselves, and sources quotes; “the author J. K. Rowling herself finds dressing up as Nazis to costume parties is very arousing.” And most of all and most troublesome part is that she does not condemn such photos and behaviour.

This is very problematic on so many degrees. First of all even this is 2017; the subject is very delicate. What someone finds arousing could be very offensive for some other souls. Dressing up as Nazi and writing books and producing movies filled with full of Nazi symbolism could be damaging not just one’s persona but to also the companies to work with. In this case for instance Warner Bros. When the next movie of hers hit theaters it will quite possibly be a PR nightmare for them. Knowing that the giants they are, after all they are Warner Bros., it will not be as problematic as 2016’s Ghostbusters fiasco for example; I imagine. Remember the whole social justice warriors issue and the dislikes on YouTube? What I am humbly trying to say is; still in this age that every trend is driven by the power of internets and social media, I believe every network should avoid such troubles online no matter the cost. Because no one can guestimate the real damage till it occurs. And by the time it happens it is almost always too little too late. Damage is done and cannot be undone.

One can ask again in this age of mis- and disinformation what is fake or what is not? What is out of context and what is cherry picked and served? What can I tell you? The answer is rather simple. One have to do some research. Examine some info, give a chance and the benefit of the doubt to the subject in question.

Of course you can read click-bait headlines and roll with them on your own risk. Besides; if it is on the internet, it must be true. Right?