Thursday, 2 March 2017

"Asus: In Search of Incredible" Amounts of Bloatware!

Recently I bought an Asus Vivo PC Stick. God knows It's unusable out of box.

When I saw it first thing came to my mind was "who is this product's product manager and how can he or she allow such a bad experience to go out into the wilds". It's ridiculously slow because of Asus's maniacal obsession with bloat/crap wares. And then I thought "that's actually ok! I'll upgrade it to the latest Windows Version (1607) and then do a 'Reset this PC' option from the recovery menu. This will get rid of everything that's not Microsoft."

Right? Am I right? Right?

God NO! Nothing gets rid of those horribly machine slower crapware. Nothing you can do cleans nearly everything from this computer. It's horrible. Later on I uninstalled most of the craps manually. I Deleted some files so Windows can't start the stupid Asus services at the start-up etc... and now it is behaving normally & operating with an acceptable speed and it's usable.

However I really wonder if Microsoft is aware of this situation? I mean that "Reset this PC" option won't work. I also wonder if they have anything to say about it.

Anyways before I put the screenshots, lastly I must write that I hear it is not this way with Asus only for this PC stick business. It's true for notebooks and phones also. So what I suggest is think thrice before you buy an Asus (software installable) product if you seek performance. Because you know I'm actually incredibly happy with my Asus Strix Headsets.

Here's the screenshots;

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